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Products >> Self-propelled aerial working
Aerial work platform--EAWP16SA

Four-wheel drive provides srperior performance and maneuverability
Deep circulation battery, green and environmental friendly, zero emission
ABS control box and panel are firmer,lighter and water-proof.
Clear and visual operating label makes operator easy to control and avoids wrong operations.
Cable protection package, to prevent accident reduce replacing cost
30% gradebility
Best horizontal extended distance is 7.75M.
Min turning radius, flexible
360 platform non-continuous swing
180table swivel angle
140(+76/-64) small arm luffing angle
Ground control system
Telescopic boom, step across the obstacle and work at different position when lifting at one place
On-Board diagnostics help operators troubleshoot on the fly and make adjustment in the field to maximize uptime

Characteristics Model unit EAWP16SA
Safe working load kg 230
Maximum working height m 16
Maximum platform height m 14
Maximum horizontal extended distance m 7.75
Platform height m 7.35
Platform swing angle 360 Non-Continuous
Table swivel angle 180
Small Arm luffing angle 140(+76/-64)
Dimensions Size of working platform AB m 1.50x0.76
Complete platform length C m 6.75
Complete platform width D m 1.8
Complete platform height E m 2.12
Wheelbase F m 2
Lowest ground clearance G m 0.19
Tyre(solid tyre) 28x9-15
Performance Tailswing 0
Minimum turning radius(inner wheel) m 1.35
Minimum turning radius(external wheel) m 3.8
Driving speed unextended status km/h 5
Driving speed under lifting and extending status km/h 1.1
Maximum grade ability(44) % 30%
Maximum allowed angle 3
Motor Motor V 48V DC
Battery 8x6V,400ah
Hydraulic oil tank L 50
Weight Complete platform weight kg 6900

Standard equipment
Can Bus Technology
Proportional controls
Manual falling pump
Hour meter
Tilt protection
Tilt alarm
360non-continuous turntable rotation
Self-leveling platform
Fault indication on platform
Hydraulic platform rotation
Overheat engine protection
Enging heater plug warm up device
AC drive motor
Foot pedal
Overload limits
Solid tyres 389-15

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